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Product Diversion & Grey Marketing

Product diversion or grey marketing is typically seen in the cosmetic and hair care industries. Microtrace has a full product diversion system in place to assist you in tracing the origin of diverted products.
Solution: Microtaggant® Identification Particles • Airbrush System • Laser Systems


Detecting and quantifying dilution is necessary to protect yourself against false liability and warranty claims. Microtrace has a proprietary taggant and reader to do just that.
Solution: Molecular Taggant


Counterfeiting is a universal issue. Strong anti-counterfeiting solutions are comprised of a secure feature and reader that can’t be fooled. A solution is only as strong as its weakest link. 
Solution: Microtaggant® Identification Particles • Spectral Taggant Ink • Molecular Taggant • Laser Systems • Security Labels

Unauthorized Production

If you are looking for a solution to unauthorized production challenges, Microtrace can help. There are a number of solutions that give you the ability to authenticate authorized production.
Solution: Microtaggant® Identification Particles • Spectral Taggant Security Ink • Molecular Taggant • Laser Systems  • Security Labels


The longer the supply chain is between the manufactured product and end customer or application, the more opportunity there is for substation or dilution of your genuine product. Microtrace has taggants that can be formulated directly into your products or bulk materials..
Solution: Molecular Taggant • Microtaggant® Identification Particles

UID or Serialization

Unique Identifier or serialization is required in a number of industries. Microtrace designs and optimizes turnkey laser systems to mark UID or serial numbers on a variety of substrates. 
Solution: Laser Systems

Tamper Evident Solutions

Microtrace has a variety of tamper evident solutions.
Solution: Shrink Sleeves • Custom Security Labels

FIPS Certified Tamper Evident Labels

Microtrace has FIPS certified labels and seals.
Solution: FIPS Custom Labels

Micro-Marking and Micro-Machining

We are expert application engineers and excel in applications requiring micro-marking, micro-machining and micro-drilling of transparent or difficult to mark substrates either stationary marking or high speed mark on the fly. 
Solution: Laser Systems

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