Combat Counterfeiting with Multiple Levels of Taggant Security

Combat Counterfeiting with Multiple Levels of Taggant Security
Mar 04, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Microtrace, the original taggant company and leader of the taggant technology evolution for over 27 years, is proud to announce the availability of multiple taggant solutions available for incorporation in a single product.

"We have been seeing advancement in determination level and skill set of counterfeiters." says Brian Brogger, Vice President of Microtrace.  "The best defense against counterfeiting is a multi-level program.  Not only should your product have multiple security features in different areas, but each feature should be multi level.   Microtrace is proud to provide solutions to our customers that fit this necessary range.  We have, and will continue, developing taggant technologies and delivery formats to ensure our customers' needs are met."         

Since its' origination, Microtrace has grown from offering the world's first taggant, Microtaggant® Identification Particles, to not only enhancing Microtaggants, but also developing new taggant technologies and capabilities.  Over the past year alone, Microtrace has added three new product offerings to its' large portfolio.  According to Brogger, the development will continue this year with additional product releases and enhancements. 

With laser marking systems and the variety of taggants and delivery formats offered by Microtrace, companies can work with one supplier and mark multiple areas of their product both covertly and overtly.

Product offerings include: 

Company Information

Founded in 1985, Microtrace, LLC. is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The company provides a number of custom and ready-to-use anti-counterfeiting, identification and authentication solutions to virtually all industries and many governmental organizations worldwide.  As a leader in covert identification and anti-counterfeit technologies, Microtrace offers a variety of solutions including multiple taggant technologies, laser systems and security labels

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