Taggant Technologies: Counterfeit Issues

Taggant Technologies: Counterfeit Issues
Sep 21, 2016

Microtrace LLC Taggant Technologies

For over 30 years, Microtrace has been at the forefront of advancing brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and brand dilution taggant technologies. At Microtrace, there is no such thing as “off the shelf” brand protection solutions: every security solution is custom developed to protect the unique identity of each application.

In the brand protection industry, it’s often the difference you can’t see that makes the difference, and Microtrace has always known where to look. Not only does its original taggant technology form the foundation of the brand protection and anti-counterfeiting industry as a whole, but no other company offers such a comprehensive suite of other security and taggant solutions.

Your product is yours, and Microtrace’s technology will keep it that way.

Where technical knowledge, chemistry and industry expertise meet. Microtrace taggant technologies.

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