Microtrace offers foursecurity options that allow you to easily apply a small amount of taggant particles to documents, products or property for identification and anti-counterfeit measures.

Marker Pen

marker pen to deliver microtaggantsMicrotrace Marker Pens deliver Microtaggants to virtually any surface in small amounts. Each Microtaggant code is blended with a clear ink “carrier” material within the pen. Marker Pens are a simple solution for low quantity applications.




Spray Application – Product Diversion

product diversionspray application for product diversionMainly used to address product diversion in the cosmetic and hair care industries, Microtrace Microtaggants are delivered in 8oz bottles for spray application. Each distributor is assigned a Microtaggant code and their authorized product is marked. When product is located in diverted markets, the code can be read and traced to the individual distributor.

Spray Application – Quality Control

Microtrace Microtaggants can be delivered in aerosol cans for easy application.  Items or areas can be marked for quality testing and evaluation.  This application can assist in reducing time and effort in quality control testing.


Brush Application

brush to apply microtaggantsIf you prefer to brush on Microtaggants, a brush applicator is easy to use and cost effective. Our brush applicators come with a small ½ oz. bottle to hold the taggant solution.




Microtrace taggant solutions available for this delivery format:
Microtaggant® Identification Particles
Up-converting Phosphors

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