Taggant Security Inks

Security inks are not all made equally.
The highest quality security inks are formulated with taggants.

Spectral Taggant Security Ink

Spectral Taggant™ Security InkMicrotrace’s Spectral Taggant is a security ink specifically for print applications. When developing the Spectral Taggant, Microtrace did so from the perspective of a counterfeiter. Safe guards were put in place to make reverse engineering or replicating extremely difficult if not impossible. Microtrace’s Spectral Taggant is a proprietary chemistry requiring advanced manufacturing and synthesis. They are designed and manufactured in house by Microtrace.

Microtrace’s proprietary Spectral Reader is a sophisticated hand held device which gathers hundreds of data points per reading to ensure an exact match to the Spectral Taggant signature. Even a small change in the substrate or printing technique could lead to a failed reading. This level of accuracy is required to ensure the detector cannot be fooled by even the most determined counterfeiter.

With the Microtrace proprietary spectral taggant and reader, you can be confident you have a very secure solution.

Microtaggant® Security Ink

Microtaggant security inksMicrotaggant security inks are an effective anti-counterfeiting security solution. They are unique to each customer or application. Microtaggant inks are cost effective and are read and detected with inexpensive devices.

Microtrace Microtaggant inks are press-ready and available to any printer in UV curable formulations for flexographic or rotary screen printing.


Molecular Taggant Security Ink

Molecular Taggant Security InkMicrotrace Molecular security inks offer you a high-level of security with flexible options. Molecular taggants are submicron in particle size and are loaded at extreme trace levels making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to detect or replicate. Molecular taggants utilize Microtrace’s proprietary Molecular reader.


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