Molecular Taggant™

Molecular Taggants™ are unlike any other taggant technology

molecular taggantIn addition to authentication, these unique Raman active taggants can be quantified for the detection of dilution and mix ratios of genuine materials. They’re uniquely encoded and completely invisible, and, because they are incorporated at trace levels, it is nearly impossible for a counterfeiter to detect and virtually impossible to replicate.

With the ability to quantify, the Molecular Taggant can be utilized for quality control to protect from false liability and warranty claims arising from counterfeiting, substitution and dilution of genuine materials. Real time field analysis allows for verification of materials during installation and for the life of the product.

Molecular Taggants are designed and optimized for each specific substrate and application. They are normally formulated in the base materials or ingredients of the product to be tagged.

taggant reader

Product Specifications

  • Common Use
  • Product Authentication
    Quantification – Identify product dilution or mix ratios
    Product liability and warranty
    Quality Control
    Brand Protection

  • Pros
  • Extreme trace loading – typically under 100ppm
    100% covert marking
    Uniquely encoded
    Completely invisible
    Undetectable to counterfeiters
    Inability to be reverse engineered
    Field identification & verification
    Non-destructive testing
    Can be used in liquids
    Well suited for all types of materials & surfaces

  • Cons
  • Relatively expensive handheld reader
    Single authentication method