Antigen Diagnostic Test Development for COVID-19

Microtrace is developing low cost, rapid, antigen based diagnostic and detection platforms for COVID-19, applicable for medical, business and home use.

Microtrace’s business is built on expertise in three core competencies—chemistry and material sciences, application engineering, detectors and analytics. Typically, Microtrace applies these principles to the development of solutions for brand protection, anti-counterfeit and quality-control issues. It is with this experience and knowledge that Microtrace has a unique perspective to the development of rapid, easy to use, diagnostic testing options based on low cost colorimetric and portable biosensor platforms.

Solving unexpected challenges is our business

For years, customers have brought Microtrace seemingly unsolvable challenges. And as chemists and engineers, we are driven by curiosity to explore and innovate the challenge at hand. Today the challenge is the development of low cost, rapid antigen COVID-19 tests—something that impacts billions of individuals across the globe. If your company is also driven to develop and commercialize rapid COVID-19 testing, please contact us to explore how we can collaborate to make a meaningful contribution in addressing the pandemic.

Cornerstone Microtrace offerings

In addition to exploring rapid diagnostic platforms for COVID-19, Microtrace technologies help to protect all kinds of products you encounter each day. See security solutions that make a difference.

Core Business

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