Summit Authentication Platform™

Ensure products are genuine, have come from legitimate sources, are being sold in authorized locations, or are the correct consumables for your OEM system with Microtrace’s patent-pending Summit Authentication Platform.

One platform for total security

Using the seamless combination of a unique identifier, detection system, cloud-based analytics and reporting—the Microtrace Summit Authentication Platform™ provides the most secure, reliable, comprehensive and easy-to-use anti-counterfeit system possible.



Flawless delivery of key components for protection

Over the years, Microtrace has identified common pitfalls in the implementation of technologies for product authentication—and it usually comes down to there being a weak link in the process causing what could otherwise be a very secure system to be one that is easily compromised. That’s why Microtrace has developed the Summit Authentication Platform—eliminating system weakness by bringing together our deep expertise in the core competencies of a fully optimized turn-key security solution: 




Anatomy of a secure solution

Drawing on this experience in chemistry and material sciences, application engineering, and detectors and analytics, Microtrace knows the best authentication results are achieved with a fully integrated and optimized platform.

Microtrace’s recommended configuration uses a proprietary, two-part authentication unique identifier, including a taggant and encrypted barcode. The unique identifier is read with a detection system that includes a handheld spectrometer and mobile application. The taggant and barcode data is processed using sophisticated AI and analytical methodologies, which produce real-time brand reporting that provides unparalleled insight on where and how your products are being used—or counterfeited.





The creation of a secure taggant signature is a complex process requiring a high level of discipline and tight tolerances in the chemistry, formulation and printing of the signatures. Benefit from Microtrace executing every step of the process by delivering finished taggant signatures printed on security labels that feature your branding. This not only results in taggants signatures which are highly secure, but also allows you to avoid all the supply-chain printing challenges and security issues. Additionally, pairing taggant with an encrypted barcode results in two-part authentication for greater security.

Depending on your needs, Microtrace can also provide the finished taggant signatures as a label-on-a-label (PSA or transfer labels). If your project requires a taggant security ink, rather than a label, Microtrace will work with you to license the proprietary taggant inks and print specifications. 

Encrypted Barcode

Microtrace’s proprietary encrypted barcodes take advantage of all the benefits of standard data matrix format (print speed, error correction, data density), while providing the ability for the barcodes to be robust against counterfeiting.

Encrypted barcodes are a better option than standard unique identifiers, pattern recognition or proprietary barcode designs, because they are:

  • Very secure
  • Easy to print and read as a standard barcode
  • Free from the hassles of other approaches (slowing printing presses, requiring capture and storage of high-resolution images, reading challenges, need for high speed internet access to cross check databases, etc.)
  • Practical for real world high volume commercial applications
  • Able to perform at peak when paired with taggant to create a two-part authentication key

In addition to providing brand security, consumers can utilize a traditional barcode reader for a deeper brand interaction—video, promotional offers, etc. This redirect is dynamic and could be changed by the brand at any time for a different consumer experience.


Mobile Application

The Microtrace mobile application is customized precisely for your needs—from private labeling to functionality like time stamp, user ID and geographic location. Our smartphone anticounterfeit solution can be used for instant field validation without the need for constant internet access. The app uses traditional 2D barcode software authentication, with all the advantages of error correction. 


Microtrace’s handheld spectrometer paired with the mobile application authenticates the taggant signature. Together, the detector and app provide you with the ultimate security to validate authenticity. Plus, they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Unable to be matched by counterfeiters
  • Helpful in consolidating data from all detectors in the field, to create a single report


If you want to integrate the Summit Authentication Platform directly into your device—we can create your unique solution. It’s possible for the detection and analytics to be added to your internet of things (IOT) product. Contact us to determine exactly what you need.

AI Cloud


Using sophisticated algorithms and analytical methodologies, Microtrace goes far beyond normal classification methods, which means counterfeiters have more of a challenge to match. With Microtrace, monitoring data is processed in real time and models are constantly refined to ensure the tightest zone of acceptance for your taggant signature, thereby reducing false positives. The result is detectors that are nearly impossible to fool.

With the proper security credentials, it’s possible to access a single report that compiles data from scans by all users in the field.

High security without supply chain disruption

Collaborating with Microtrace, you will have the highest level of security without the headaches or challenges of implementation in your supply chain. The Summit Authentication Platform places a priority on managing supply-chain integrity, tightly controlling execution of unique identifiers to reduce variances that can otherwise result in security breaches. It’s the perfect combination of technology, accuracy, analysis and insight.





Let’s connect to discuss collaboration

With our collaborative approach for the Summit Authentication Platform, we work with you to provide the most security and exactly what’s needed for your product authenticity verification. 

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