Custom Chemistries

Microtrace’s team of research and development chemists specialize in creating unique chemistries for any application.

Custom Chemistries

Get exactly what you need

Microtrace thrives on tackling new, tough challenges. If you need something reverse-engineered or newly developed—Microtrace Custom Chemistries give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need.

At the core of Microtrace is our team of highly sophisticated and specialized chemists who have unparalleled expertise in design, synthesis, analysis and interpretation. It is with this expertise that Microtrace is able to build truly secure taggant systems for brand protection as well as deliver custom chemistries for other unique applications.

If your application requires custom chemistries to work within a new or existing system, Microtrace’s expertise in application engineering and detectors and analysis can be applied. Count on us to collaborate with you at each step of the way to get it done.

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With our collaborative approach for Custom Chemistries, you need to be prepared with a budget of at least $200,000 and likely execute a licensing agreement.

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TEchnical overview for CUSTOM CHEMISTRIES

Security Level:
Security Level 5Highest security level
Category of Technology:
Custom Chemistries
Delivery Formats:


Application Cost:
Dependent on options
Sample Availability:

No - Samples are not available for this product.

Microtrace Involvement:
Dependent on options
Licensing Agreement:

Dependent on options

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