Molecular Taggant System

Non-destructive analysis that ensures authenticity, and protects against false product liability or false warranty claims arising from product dilution, product substitution or counterfeiting.

Analysis and authentication for a variety of materials and applications

Proprietary taggant chemistries used in Microtrace’s Molecular Taggant systems can provide yes/no authentication or can be quantified allowing for detection of dilution and analysis of mix ratios. These invisible taggants can be incorporated into bulk materials at trace levels down to parts per trillion— without impacting performance or appearance, making it nearly impossible for counterfeiters to detect or replicate. Additionally, some Microtrace molecular taggants are Food and Drug Administration- (FDA) compliant. 

Mass SpectroSCOPY

mass spectroscopy

Mass spectrometers use an advanced analytical technique for detecting taggants, which allows for unparalleled security at trace levels—undetectable by other techniques. Unique chemical taggants can be seamlessly integrated into products at nearly any stage of production for quantification allowing for dilution testing and mix-ratio detection.

Hyperspectral Imaging

hyperspectral imaging

Products can be authenticated in live time and at a distance using hyperspectral imaging. Through advanced algorithms and multiple signatures, multiple products can be evaluated at once without the need for individual sampling. This allows for high-speed detection on production lines, distribution centers and store shelves even when the location of the taggants is unknown.

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman active taggants, or surface- enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) taggants, can be incorporated into a variety of products at multiple stages of manufacturing for both yes/no authentication and dilution detection. Non-destructive testing with a handheld reader provides instant analysis.

Unparalleled expertise to protect your brand

Microtrace is positioned with expertise in a broad range of chemistries, strategies and analytical methods to optimize the best Molecular Taggant system for your needs. You can rely on our deep understanding of the details and distinctions among a wide variety of security solutions to protect your brand.


TEchnical overview for molecular Taggant™ system

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Security Level 5Highest security level
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Yes - A licensing agreement is required.

Detection method for Molecular Taggant™ System

Field Detection

Lab Detection

Spectral Taggant System

Spectral 2.0

Spectral Taggant System

Spectral 1.0

Phosphor detector

Phosphor Detector

Phosophor beeper

Phosphor Beeper



uv light

UV Light

laser pen

Laser Pen

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With our collaborative approach for Molecular Taggant systems, we work with you to get you exactly what you need. Microtrace is deeply experienced in the core competencies needed for a truly secure solution—chemistry and material sciences, application engineering, and detectors and analytics. You need to be prepared with a budget of at least $200,000, and to execute a licensing agreement.

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