Basic Phosphor System

The Basic Phosphor System might be one component of your total brand-protection solution if your security threat is low.

Quick and simple verification

This down-converting or up-converting powder plus a beeper, offers quick and simple verification for consumer packaging and products across a variety of industries.

Phosphor systems are widely used, and are often considered successful—however, not all successes are equal. Phosphors are well understood—even by counterfeiters—and inexpensive beepers are relatively easy to fool, resulting in false-positive readings.

A wide range of phosphor options

Microtrace has a range of phosphor technologies and can help you implement any degree of security, as your needs change over time. If you’re looking for up-converting phosphor options, explore Microtrace’s:



Not all phosphors are created equal

Phosphors have become known as a “taggant” technology, which can describe several different materials. Phosphors are a well-understood solution, supported by many published papers and manufacturers around the world—making them relatively common or easy to replicate.

For more sophisticated security needs, learn more about phosphor-based consultative engagements with Microtrace.


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TEchnical overview for BASIC PHOSPHOR SYSTEM

Security Level:
Security Level 2Medium security level
Category of Technology:
Delivery Formats:

Bulk Powder


Application Cost:
Bulk Powder

Sample Availability:

No - Samples are not available for this product.

Microtrace Involvement:
Licensing Agreement:

No licensing agreement required

Detection Methods for Basic Phosphor System

Phosphor Beeper

Lab Detection

Field Detection

Spectral Taggant System

Spectral 2.0

Spectral Taggant System

Spectral 1.0

Phosphor detector

Phosphor Detector



uv light

UV Light

laser pen

Laser Pen

This technology can be optimized to provide higher levels of security.

For more sophisticated security needs, learn more about phosphor-based consultative engagements with Microtrace.

Advanced phosphor system

All security is
not created equal.

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