Novelty Inks

Create interesting and dynamic packaging and products with Microtrace Novelty Inks.

Novelty Inks

Create higher engagement with your customers

On their own, Novelty Inks aren’t a security feature, but a way to create higher engagement with your customers. Choose from a variety of options to achieve unique visual effects with:

Thermochromatic and Photochromatic options

Microtrace Thermochromatic Ink changes color when exposed to different temperatures. It’s commonly used for toys, beverage cans and packaging.

Microtrace Photochromatic Ink changes color with light, and is commonly used for packaging.

Since the color change is visible to the human eye—no reader or detector is needed.

UV / IR Ink

This Microtrace security ink changes color when exposed to UV light or a laser pen’s IR light. Take your pick from several available—including non-traditional—color combinations, including the option to add after-glow material. If security isn’t a real threat and you need a quick, easy and visible response, Microtrace UV / IR Inks are easy to implement and use with inexpensive readers.

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Technical overview for Novelty Inks

Security Level:
Security Level 1Lowest security level
Category of Technology:
Novelty Ink
Delivery Formats:


Application Cost:
Sample Availability:

Yes - Samples for this product are available by request after prescreening.  Request a sample

Microtrace Involvement:
Licensing Agreement:

No licensing agreement required

Detection Methods for Novelty Inks

Laser Pen

UV Light


Phosphor Beeper

Phosphor Detector

Spectral 1.0

Spectral 2.0

Lab Detection

Field Detection

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