Product Authentication

Microtrace makes it possible to ensure genuine products are moving through your supply chain, from manufacturing facilities to retail locations—including verifying consumables at point of use.

Turnkey product security

Whether you need product authenticity verification, or your customers want to know they have a genuine product—accurate and reliable authentication has historically been a challenge. Most authentication challenges stem from a weak link in the implementation process—for example, inconsistent printing of an authentication marker, or unreliable readers and analysis.

The Summit Authentication Platform™ eliminates these potential weaknesses, and delivers the most reliable and secure anti-counterfeit system possible. Microtrace’s product security solution works because it’s optimized to include unique product identifiers, detection methods, and cloud-based analysis and reporting. 


Flexible product authentication options

Product protection solutions can take many forms and meet a variety of needs. Microtrace product authenticity technology can:

  • Be integrated on, or within products and/or packaging
  • Provide a visual or detector response
  • Offer low-level security, or protection against advanced threats
  • Be simple to use for field authentication, or use advanced analysis

Legacy of addressing brand security needs

Founded in 1985, Microtrace has a long and successful history of bringing together the core competencies needed for the most secure solutions to protect the integrity of products:

  • Chemistry and material sciences
  • Application engineering
  • Detectors and analytics

No other company has the range of security offerings, combined with the depth and breadth of experience in product authentication. Reach out to learn more about Microtrace’s product protection services.