Confidence, security and protection

Microtrace has a legacy of successfully addressing product security and brand security needs.

Innovation drives us

Originally developed by 3M, Microtaggant® Identification Particles are the original taggant technology and are exclusive to Microtrace. Since our founding in 1985, we have evolved the taggant category and continue to manufacture and synthesize all taggants in-house. We’re constantly striving to offer the highest-quality security solutions for nearly every application.

Microtrace is uniquely positioned as a single source that brings together the core competencies needed for the most secure solutions for product authentication and brand protection, including:

  • Chemistry and material sciences
  • Application engineering
  • Detectors and analytics

Creating highly customized, fully optimized security solutions is at the heart of Microtrace. No other company has the range of technologies and offerings—from high to low-end options. This variety of solutions allows Microtrace to provide the right recommendation, without a bias toward a single solution, customized to your needs.

If your application requires custom chemistries to work within a new or existing system, equipment or product - Microtrace's expertise in application engineering and detectors and analysis can be applied.

Unparalleled expertise

Our no-nonsense, agile team has extensive expertise and are always ready to help if you have a real security challenge. And we’ve learned some things along the way that allow us to offer solutions you can implement independently that have already been proven as high-quality options.

Contact us

Microtrace is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. To learn more about how we might help protect your products, complete a brief request form.

Contact us

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