Consultative engagements

If you want a truly tailored security solution, Microtrace works with you to develop plans to successfully implement solutions for your product and supply chain.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

The most secure, custom taggant solutions to protect the integrity of your authentication products only come from the convergence of three core competencies. As an experienced brand-protection consultant, Microtrace has unmatched expertise in each:

Chemistry and material sciences

Microtrace has advanced analytical capabilities when it comes to equipment, techniques, and interpretation. “Standard” and “off-the-shelf” aren’t things we do. Rather, we have expertise in tailored solutions. From formulating taggants for a variety of materials and substrates to designing, synthesizing, manufacturing and sourcing unique materials.

Application engineering

Secure solutions require successful application of taggants. Microtrace is experienced in guiding application processes for a variety of industries, while protecting the integrity of the taggant chemistry or material throughout your manufacturing process. And because we are adept at working quality control into various stages of production, you can confidently execute Microtrace’s solutions in your product.

Detectors and analytics

Security solutions are meaningless without accurate authentication. Microtrace designs and manufactures detection hardware, and has a deep understanding of analysis and algorithms required to optimize detector performance.

Excelling in all core competencies uniquely enables Microtrace to collaborate with you and execute a truly secure solution for your specific application. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re protected—and free from areas of exposure for further issues—with Microtrace’s expertise, processes and equipment for the highest levels of security.

Technologies that power consultative engagements

Learn more about the anti-counterfeit technology options Microtrace has to create your just-right solution:

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