Consumer Engagement

Secure QR codes scannable by consumers for product transparency, a more personalized relationship as well as supply chain visibility and performance insights.

Insights to your audience

Consumer engagement provides a more personalized relationship in addition to supply chain visibility and performance, but what happens when the QR code you are relying on is copied?  Your entire program is jeopardized- from the insights you gain and the information you are providing to your consumers.

Microtrace’s Anti-Copy QR codes are designed to prevent counterfeiting and protect your data so you can confidently provide product life cycle information to your customers and gain insights to your audience in the process.  As an added benefit, all your customers will be providing you with real-time insights to any potential counterfeit issues that exist in the market.  

Anti-Copy QR Codes

Authenticated instantly without internet or database referencing via mobile or web-based app, Microtrace’s AI technology pairs encryption strings with UID to ensure only genuine issued QR codes are accepted.

  • Reproduction not possible with QR generator software
  • AI detects hidden defects
  • Algorithms detect copy attempts
  • Cloud monitoring detects the same UID scanned in multiple geographical locations

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