DNA Taggants

Covertly tag products to prove product authenticity and provenance.

DNA taggants covertly mark products to verify authenticity.

DNA tags are used to covertly tag products and raw materials to prove provenance and authenticity. 

Trace amounts of DNA taggants are needed and are completely invisible, making them appealing for many applications from textiles to fuel marking where a large quantity of codes is necessary.

It is nearly impossible for a counterfeiter to replicate because it is impossible to know the precise sequence needed to replicate.  DNA taggants are disguised by naturally occurring DNA from the environment and specific markers are needed to properly authenticate.  

Identification of DNA taggants is done in a lab with specialized equipment, so although not instant field-authentication, DNA tags are recognized by courts around the world.

Microtrace supplies uniquely encoded DNA tags to be applied at nearly any point in the supply chain in addition to quick-turn, PCR lab verification of samples.

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