Taggant transfers

When taggant signatures must be applied directly to your labels by your designated printer, and finished security labels are not an option, taggant transfers are an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution, compared to a taggant ink system applied by a printer.

High security with easy integration

Taggant transfers are fully optimized finished taggant signatures which are then transferred by your designated printer directly to your label or product. Commonly used for consumer packaging security, taggant transfers appear to have been printed directly on your desired surface. The process is similar to cold foil transfer. This solution works on a solid area as small as ¼ inch, where the transfer is used as a carrier for the finished Spectral Taggant™ signature. It is simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure a high level of security, regardless of your designated printer’s capabilities.

Precision and protection from multiple angles

Anytime security ink is shipped or used at a contract printer, there is potential for it to be intercepted, reverse engineered and for proprietary print processes used to apply taggant inks to be exposed.  Having Microtrace deliver finished taggant transfers is a more secure option, since Microtrace completely controls taggant signature creation. In creating taggant transfers, we remove all variability in execution of the print process. This means, you get signatures with very tight tolerances, resulting in the highest level of security.

Microtrace’s taggant transfers eliminate or reduce challenges in working with your designated printer(s), including:

  • Complexities of working with one or more designated printers
  • Different models of printing equipment
  • Variabilities in equipment condition and maintenance
  • Different levels of quality control and capabilities
  • Issues of security related to taggant inks, printing techniques and more

Only available from Microtrace

Although security ink and security labels can offer some similar benefits, there is nothing else like taggant transfers available—and they are exclusively available at Microtrace. Choosing to work with Microtrace on taggant transfers means you can expect:

  • Tight standards and secure signatures from taggant ink printing, thereby eliminating the need for printers to hold tight tolerances
  • Exact results from your multiple printers without concern about printing processes
  • Seamless integration with your supply chain, and a limited investment required for application
  • Easy validation in the field
  • Custom graphic design with any color available, including opaque colors (even black), metallics and holographic

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