Encrypted data strings

Microtrace’s encrypted data strings are created using a proprietary, asymmetric, reconstructive-classification encryption methodology that is virtually impossible to counterfeit.  

Secure authentication without real-time internet access

Encrypted data strings can be delivered as QR codes, RFID or NFC tags, and authenticated without real-time internet access. All encryption methodologies—regardless of how they are delivered—require a decryption key to verify authenticity.

Traditional decryption keys must be kept hidden to protect against counterfeiters accessing and understanding the encryption methodology so that they might generate additional “genuine” codes. Because of this risk, traditional decryption keys are not stored on local devices—instead, they are kept hidden and require real-time internet or database access to decrypt the barcode and verify authenticity. To address this issue, Microtrace developed a new type of encryption data string which allows for secure QR codes, and RFID or NFC tags to be authenticated without real-time internet or database connectivity.

Sophisticated and secure methodology

Microtrace’s encryption modeling is done using sophisticated, technology so that decryption keys (AI models) can be preloaded on scanning devices and visible to counterfeiters without compromising security.

  • AI decryption models can be stored on local device
  • Instant field validation without internet access is possible (compared to traditional encryption methodologies, which require several seconds to reference a remote database)
  • AI models have low memory requirements—you can decrypt millions of anti-counterfeit data strings without filling up storage space on a smart phone or OEM scanning device

Unlike traditional encryption keys, the Microtrace system uses patent-pending Alerion™ Classification, in which, if a counterfeiter is able to access the artificial-intelligence model, cannot discern the encryption methodology, and cannot gain information on how to make additional “genuine” barcodes or tags.

Peak performance with multiple technologies

When Microtrace’s encrypted data strings are paired with Spectral TaggantTM, using the Summit Authentication PlatformTM, you get the most secure anti-counterfeit system possible. A taggant signature features unique chemistries that are difficult to understand, analyze or replicate creating a two-part key authentication, or secure product fingerprint.

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