Tackle security
obstacles with confidence

Organizations face a variety of challenges that can threaten the security and integrity of proprietary products.

Protect your brand
and your  work

You know your security challenges better than anyone else. Microtrace can help you protect your brand and your work from issues like:

Industries that benefit from security solutions

Whether your business is consumer packaging, electronics, building materials, paints/coatings, aerospace, cosmetics, currency, fashion, diamond and gemstones, medical devices or pharmaceuticals—Microtrace has seen and solved for a variety of issues faced by small companies, Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies.

Know your product
is your product

It’s often the difference you can’t see that makes the difference—and Microtrace knows where to look. Work with us for unparalleled expertise in developing security solutions for a variety of products.

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All security is
not created equal.

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