Novelty Ink

Create interesting and dynamic packaging and products with Microtrace novelty ink.

Create higher engagement with your customers

On their own, novelty inks aren’t a security feature, but a way to create higher engagement with your customers. If you don’t need security ink, and instead would like a quick, easy and visible response, choose from a variety of Microtrace specialty inks, which can be delivered as ready-to-implement ink, or incorporated into a security label.

Each of the following achieves unique effects that are visible to the human eye—meaning no detector is needed:

Optically variable ink

Optically variable ink (OVI) is also called color shifting ink.  The ink displays two distinct colors depending on the angle it is viewed at.  It’s commonly used on banknotes as well as other official documents.

Thermochromatic ink

Thermochromatic ink changes color when exposed to different temperatures. It’s commonly used for toys, beverage cans and packaging.

Photochromatic ink

Photochromatic ink (or UV ink) changes color with UV light (sun exposure). Common uses are product packaging or promotional items.

UV flourescent ink

UV fluorescent ink produces a fluorescent color response after exposure to long-wave or short-wave UV light. This ink is commonly used for event tickets.

Infrared ink

IR ink changes color with infrared light. Take your pick from several available color combinations, including non-traditional color options, and the ability to add after-glow material. A common use is for product packaging.

Microtrace’s team of chemists specialize in organic and inorganic materials, and can produce the novelty ink that best fits your needs.  Contact us to discuss your needs, and the Microtrace chemistry team will find the solution that will produce your desired result. 

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