Fuel Marking and Lubricant Authentication

Detect and prevent fuel and lubricant counterfeiting and dilution with carbon based taggants dispersed at trace levels.

Complete authentication & traceability through the supply chain

Microtrace provides QR code and taggant solutions that can be applied to packaging and directly dispersed in fuels and lubricants to provide product liability protection throughout the supply chain.

Liquid authentication and dilution detection

Fuels, lubricants and oils can be authenticated with Microtrace’s Molecular Taggant™ Systems to provide yes/no verification and identify dilution and mix ratios.  The uniformly dispersed carbon-based taggants are detectible down to ppb levels.  Analysis is then done with in-field or laboratory equipment where Microtrace’s proprietary Alerion Classification Technology is used to identify and quantify the uniquely encoded taggant signatures.

Authentication of packaging

Security features incorporated into packaging provide a simple field verifiable first line of defense against counterfeiting. This can be done by field representatives, distributors and resellers in the supply chain as well as the end retail customers themselves.

Microtrace’s Summit Authentication Platform is a turnkey system consisting of unique identifiers- Spectral Taggant and/or Encrypted QR codes, detectors and mobile app or web plug-in. 

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Technology used for product security solutions

Learn more about the advanced chemistries and technologies behind Microtrace solutions.


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