Specializing in both material and chemical sciences, Microtrace offers a wide range of technologies—from particles to invisible markers.

Variety that makes any security solution possible

When it comes to product authentication and brand protection, the nuances of what’s needed for your industry, brand and product are specific to your environment. To meet an infinite number of security challenges, a vast array of solutions must be available.

By specializing in both material and chemical sciences, Microtrace develops viable solutions that can be added to any product for the desired response. Whether you seek an overt anti counterfeit solution with a visible response or covert security that’s invisible—Microtrace has you covered.

Superior security built on flexible technology

Access Microtrace’s unique technologies in the manner that best meets your needs:

Technologies to implement independently

These brand protection technologies offer the best of both— sophisticated protection that’s simple to implement on your own.


Technologies leveraged through consultative engagements

Microtrace’s anti-counterfeiting technology is the foundation for effective solutions. Work with us on a custom solution and guidance to successfully implement in your product and supply chain.


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