Smart device and consumable system

Enable your smart device to identify genuine versus unauthorized consumables, and gain real-time market insights for direct consumer engagement and enhanced brand loyalty. 

Sophisticated anti-counterfeit technology to power your smart-device consumable system

Cost effective on both unit and device levels, Microtrace's patented, two-part authentication key solution is ideal for low-cost, high-volume devicification applications. Real-time, accurate point-of-consumption data collected from smart-connected products can provide you with invaluable market intelligence; from individual consumer behavior to market-share information.  Here's how it works:

Identification of consumables

Genuine consumables are covertly marked with a taggant signature that can be paired with an optical pattern (barcode) to create a very secure one- or two-factor authentication, allowing consumables to be identified—both yours and unauthorized competitors—down to the specific SKU.  Alternatively, hidden features or designs can be incorporated into product graphics which are detectable using Microtrace A.I. systems.

Although taggant signatures are a secure and cost-effective option on a per-unit basis, additional functionality is unlocked when combining taggant signatures with RFID or other barcode options.

Integration of sensors in smart device 

Microtrace’s proprietary Alerion™ Classification technology allows for taggant signatures to be accurately identified without a real-time internet connection, using simple low-cost sensors or smart cameras that can be integrated into your internet of things (IOT) smart device.

Sensors for taggant signatures are much more cost effective than RFID sensors or other barcode options, making them a cost-effective choice for low-cost consumer appliances within the connected ecosystem.

Improve your customer experience—and your bottom line

With this solution, you gain insight that can be used to influence and monitor consumer behavior, increase repeat purchases in a razor-razorblade model and reveal strategic moves to capture additional market share. A well-implemented smart device and consumable system can achieve powerful results, including:

  • Competitive advantage like never before, as you are alerted to new competitors that appear in the marketplace
  • Customer engagement, with targeted marketing that responds to personal needs and usage
  • Brand loyalty, via information that allows you to build customer relationships through convenient refills / auto replenishment and predictive analysis

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