Encrypted RFID & NFC tags

Microtrace’s RFID & NFC anti-counterfeiting encryption strategy uses self-authentication, without the need for real-time internet or database access.

Strong security that’s simple to use and seamless to implement

When sophisticated criminals threaten to counterfeit a large quantity of items, encrypted radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near-field communication (NFC) tags may be used to protect your authentic products and materials.

All encrypted NFC and RFID tags require a decryption key to verify authenticity. Traditional decryption keys must be kept hidden to protect against counterfeiters accessing and understanding the encryption methodology so that they might generate additional “genuine” NFC or RFID tags. Because of this risk, traditional decryption keys require real-time internet or database access in order for decryption and authenticity verification.

To address this issue, Microtrace developed a new type of encrypted data string which allows for secure data matrix barcodes to be authenticated without real-time internet or database connectivity. This unique encryption methodology utilizes standard alphanumeric characters so it can be encoded into standard RFID & NFC formats in order to take advantage of the benefits of these standard platforms.

Proprietary solution allows for local device storage

Artificial-intelligence models used for decryption have low memory requirements and can be stored within the Microtrace mobile application. You can decrypt millions of RFID tag encryptions and NFC encryptions without filling up storage space on a smart phone or OEM scanning device.

Additionally, since Microtrace’s encrypted data string can be authenticated on your local device, the result is instantaneous, compared to traditional encryption methodologies, which require several seconds to reference a remote database. 

Peak performance with multiple technologies

When Microtrace’s encrypted data string is expressed as an encrypted RFID card or NFC tag and paired with Spectral TaggantTM, using the Summit Authentication PlatformTM, you get the most secure anti-counterfeit system possible. A taggant signature placed next to a tag features unique chemistries that are difficult to understand, analyze or replicate creating a two-part key authentication, or secure product fingerprint.

Microtrace’s proprietary encrypted data string can also be used in secure, encrypted barcodes.

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