Microtrace helps you navigate the anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and brand security, product authentication and product security solutions for your business.

Versatile solutions from Microtrace help safeguard the brand and products your customers count on.

As your customers move through the world, they encounter endless products and expect them to be reliable and authentic. Microtrace security solutions help protect products of all kinds—from inexpensive, everyday items to high-value luxuries.

Comprehensive protection offers total security

Because Microtrace has expertise in three core competencies—chemistry and material sciences, application engineering, detectors and analysis—you can take advantage of comprehensive full solutions rather than one piece of your security puzzle. In choosing Microtrace, you get a full solution to address the challenges and threats your organization faces—from quality control to counterfeiting and more. 

Explore Microtrace technologies in action

Microtrace’s unique technologies have limitless potential for protecting your brand and safeguarding your products. 

Discover the possibilities of a tailored application

We create custom brand-protection solutions—from cutting-edge, high security to foundational, basic preservation.

Custom Applications

Add security to your products anywhere in your supply chain

Learn about our variety of products that can be seamlessly integrated into your supply chain and provide you with secure authentication.