Anti-Copy Encrypted QR Codes

Microtrace’s proprietary encrypted QR codes are authenticated instantly without internet or database referencing via mobile or web app. Embedded security allows AI to recognize genuine QR codes that have been replicated.

Microtrace’s encryption methodology is more secure, more convenient

When sophisticated counterfeiters threaten to counterfeit a large quantity of products, encrypted barcodes are often an effective solution.

Conventional vs Microtrace Encryption

Conventional Encryption

All encrypted barcodes require a decryption key to verify authenticity. Traditional decryption keys must be kept hidden to protect against counterfeiters accessing and understanding the encryption methodology so that they might generate additional “genuine” barcodes. Because of this risk, traditional decryption keys are not stored on local devices—instead, they rely on internet connectivity.

Microtrace Encryption

To address this issue, Microtrace developed a new type of encrypted data string which allows for QR code  authentication without internet or database connectivity. Decryption keys are stored securely and locally on your device. Even if a counterfeiter has full visibility to decryption keys, creating new authentic encrypted sequences is not possible.

Anti-Copy Features

Anti-copy features embedded in Microtrace's QR codes allow AI to detect genuine QR codes that have been reproduced. This prevents counterfeiters from simply reproducing genuine barcodes found in the market.

Authentication Options

Choose from either mobile app or web plug-in for product authentication.

Mobile app

With low memory requirements, similar to the space required to store a few photos, Microtrace's A.I. models can authenticate millions of codes in under a second. Internet connectivity is not required.

Web plug-in

A plug-in is added to your website for product authentication to take place without any app downloads.  This option is often used for consumer engagement and reward programs via an embedded URL in the QR code.  Internet connectivity is required.

Delivery Formats

Microtrace's encrypted QR codes are typically delivered as security labels or a digital file.

Finished label

QR codes can be supplied as finished security labels for instant production application. Embedded information can be customized to your needs.

Digital files

Image files with embedded features are supplied directly to your printer.  A digital press or inkjest station with minimum 600dpi is required.

Additional Features and Added Security

Embedded URL

To increase consumer engagement and barcode functionality, URLs can be embedded into the QR code without interfering with encryption or anti-copy technologies.

Invisible barcode

If a more covert solution is needed, the same technology can be supplied in invisible ink.  Additional readers and lighting are required.

Added security

For the most secure option, Microtrace anti-copy encrypted QR codes can be paired with Spectral Taggant™, using the Summit Authentication Platform, To achieve this, a taggant signature is placed alongside the QR code creating a two-part key authentication acting as a product fingerprint.

Microtrace’s proprietary encrypted data string can also be used in secure, encrypted RFID & NFC tags.

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