Enhanced phosphors

When widely available phosphors don’t offer the counterfeit protection you need, enhanced phosphors provide a highly secure option.

How enhanced phosphors can help

Typically, phosphors are used as a flood coat—multiple colors can’t be used together. With Microtrace’s enhanced phosphors, individual physical markers remain separated, so they can be color mixed for an extremely unique visible authentication.

In addition to standard IR-to-visible phosphor response, Microtrace’s enhanced phosphors are responsive to UV light. This allows for single particles to have multiple, distinct visible-color responses when triggered with an IR laser and UV illumination. The addition of a custom Microtaggant code provides a highly secure and covert means of product verification—and can include in-field product authentication.

A Microtrace original

This upconverting phosphor is a highly secure option as a powder, plastic masterbatch or label that is only available through Microtrace. Enhanced phosphor is commonly used in plastics parts and adhesives because it’s an easy-to-use option with inexpensive detection. Phosphors can also be used in security inks and security labels.

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