Microtaggant® Identification Particles

Tap into this solution, which is encoded exclusively for your application, like a fingerprint. 

Uniquely encoded for your application

Microtaggant Identification Particles have multiple levels of security within each particle. These microscopic particles contain multiple color layers, which translate to a numeric code.  In addition to this base structure, we can add other materials to the Microtaggant to aid in location and authentication. Whether you’re seeking a UV light, IR laser or magnetic response, Microtaggant Identification Particles can help you create the response—and extra security—you want. There’s a virtually unlimited number of unique numeric codes that can be created.

Microtaggant is extremely economical for bulk-tagging applications—application costs often are less expensive than standard phosphors.

How Microtaggants can help

It allows you to easily and accurately confirm your product is your product, putting you in a superior position to protect your brand by:

  • Authenticating your product with multiple visible color responses
  • Choosing covert or overt level of security
  • Combating grey marketing and diversion by identifying counterfeits
  • Reduce unauthorized production from manufacturer over runs
  • Handling false liability and warranty issues
  • Confirming time and location of manufacture

Microtaggants can be incorporated into most materials

Microtaggant Identification Particles are available in a range of particle sizes—from 20 to 1,200 microns—so they can be incorporated into a wide range of materials. Incorporating Microtaggants throughout your product enables a high level of security. Use Microtaggant in materials like:

  • Plastics, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acrylic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyetheretherketone or other materials you already use
  • Bulk materials, including liquids, particles and solids
  • Labels
  • Standard polyester or nylon multifilament security yarns, which can be used in woven labels, fabrics and ribbons
  • Synthetic paper, like PPG TESLIN®
  • Explosives

Quick and easy authentication

Microtaggant technology enables employees or investigators to do on-the-spot, non-destructive field testing, providing positive, instant identification and verification of materials with inexpensive readers and detectors such as microscopes, UV lights and laser pens.

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