Security labels

Security labels from Microtrace are fully optimized to provide the highest level of security, are easy to implement and are cost effective.

Why trust Microtrace for security labels

There is a range of security levels available in the market, so it is critical to understand the threat you are looking to protect against, and Microtrace can help you effectively implement the right solution. In addition to chemistry and material sciences, Microtrace is experienced in application engineering, detectors and analytics—creating a high degree security from all angles. With Microtrace controlling the entire process, you have a fully optimized solution that delivers the highest degree of security possible for your application.

Security seals have protective features such as unique identifiers, taggant security ink and tamper evidence. Seals can also include visual features such as holograms or novelty ink. Anti-counterfeit labels are easy to implement at any point within your supply chain, and when produced in a limited quantity can give you control over over-runs and the potential for grey marketing.

When security ink is shipped or used at a contract printer, there is potential for it to be intercepted, reverse engineered and for proprietary print processes used to apply taggant security inks to be exposed. A more secure option to printing taggant security inks at your designated printer is to have Microtrace deliver finished security labels.

By delivering finished labels, Microtrace completely controls taggant signature creation by removing all variability in execution of the print process. In turn, you get signatures with very tight tolerances, resulting in the highest level of security and simple implementation at any point in your supply chain.

Security label options from Microtrace

Corresponding detectors for the security labels arrive pre-programmed to your labels and ready to use. This results in a fully optimized taggant system from signature to detection that counterfeiters are not able to fool or mimic. As with any chemistry-driven signature (as taggants are), they can be altered at any step in the process from formulation to final application—Microtrace’s in-house production is fully optimized and maintains  consistent tight tolerances that relate to the security of the system. 

Fully custom labels

Microtrace will work with you to create custom security labels that best meet your substrate and adhesive requirements (such as pressure-sensitive labels or non-residue security labels), security needs and addresses your unique security threats—all designed to align with your branding.  

One label, multiple security components

Proponents of using multiple taggant technologies and security features to achieve covert and overt features, Microtrace offers:

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With our consultative approach for products and custom applications, we work with you to provide the highest level of security and the delivery format that’s needed for your specific goals and requirements.


Technology used for product security solutions

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