Spectral Taggant™ 

Get unmatched brand protection from the combination of a sophisticated reader and the advanced chemistry of Microtrace’s Spectral Taggant.

How Spectral Taggant works

Spectral Taggants are unique chemistries that are formulated into printing inks. These anti-counterfeit inks can be used on security labels and taggant transfers, or printed directly onto product packaging. Spectral Taggant ink is well suited to be printed on a variety of substrates, including anti-counterfeit labels and more.

Think of a Spectral Taggant signature as an “invisible fingerprint.” Spectral Taggant signatures from Microtrace, or any chemistry driven signature, can be significantly altered at any step in the process from formulation to final application. Not only does this jeopardize the security of the system, it also opens windows for counterfeiters to mimic or fool the solution if not implemented and executed properly.  

What sets Microtrace apart

Microtrace developed Spectral Taggant from the perspective of a counterfeiter in order to make reverse engineering or replicating extremely difficult, if not impossible. The creation of a secure Spectral Taggant signature is a complex process requiring a high level of discipline and tight tolerances throughout the entire process from the initial taggant chemistry, to ink formulation and printing of the signatures on security labels or taggant transfers that feature your branding. This results in taggants signatures which are highly secure, and allows you to avoid supply-chain printing challenges and security issues.

Collaborating with Microtrace on Spectral Taggant

With Microtrace, you get a turnkey and high-security system that is custom built with the Spectral Taggant and detection methods that best meet your security needs. The unparalleled level of product protection is achieved with tightly controlled optical taggant production, security ink creation, printing and pre-programmed detectors that feature:

  • High resolution, wide optical ranges and small detection areas
  • Patented artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Seamless integration and synching with our proprietary mobile application

Confidently detect Spectral Taggant

The Summit Authentication PlatformTM provides extremely refined Spectral Taggant detection, with the tightest zone of acceptance possible. Even the most sophisticated counterfeiter will not be able to fool or mimic your brand protection solution—especially when paired with encrypted barcodes.

Microtrace’s handheld spectrometer paired with the mobile application authenticates the taggant signature. Together, the detector and app provide you with the ultimate security to validate authenticity. Plus, they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Unable to be matched by counterfeiters
  • Helpful in consolidating data from all detectors in the field, to create a single report

If you want to integrate the Summit Authentication Platform directly into your device—we can create your unique solution. It’s possible for the detection and analytics to be added to your internet of things (IOT) product. Contact us to determine exactly what you need.

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