Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

When you have a successful product, counterfeiters are never far behind. Microtrace’s advanced anti-counterfeiting technology is extremely difficult for criminals to defeat. 

Counterfeit detection

Combatting counterfeit products begins with reliable detection. Although many organizations believe they have solved for counterfeit threats, criminals often are able to match or fool anti-counterfeiting strategies. Microtrace optimizes our anti-counterfeit technologies to truly protect your brand.

If your goals include foiling counterfeit criminal efforts, eliminating false positives and confidently ensuring product authenticity—Microtrace is ready to help with the right solution, including anti-counterfeit systems and document security systems. Explore Microtrace’s anti-counterfeiting and product protection programs. 


Flexible anti-counterfeit technology

Anti-counterfeiting measures can take many forms and meet a variety of needs. Microtrace anti-counterfeiting protection can:

  • Be integrated on, or within products and packaging
  • Provide a visual or detector response
  • Offer low-level security, or protection against advanced threats
  • Be simple to use for field authentication, or use advanced analysis


Discover the technologies that power Microtrace's anti-counterfeit and other solutions.


Legacy of addressing brand security needs

Founded in 1985, Microtrace has a long and successful history of bringing together the core competencies needed for the most secure solutions to protect the integrity of products, including:

  • Chemistry and material sciences
  • Application engineering
  • Detectors and analytics

No other company has the range of security offerings, combined with the depth and breadth of experience to deliver successful. If you’re unsure how to address anti-counterfeiting, or if you’re wondering how effective your current anti-counterfeiting techniques might be, contact Microtrace to start the conversation.