Security ink

Microtrace security inks provide accurate, detectable responses that protect against even the most sophisticated counterfeiters.

The basics of security ink

Although any printable ink with an additive that provides some form of authentication is generally called “security ink,” not all security inks offer true security.

Security inks come in a wide range of responses and security levels. Inks can provide covert (invisible ink) or overt features that provide detectible responses, which are read visually (such as luminescent ink) or by machine. Choosing the right security ink is a balance of the security threat you face, detection requirements and budget. For example, if you have a low security threat and you want customers to recognize unique features of your packaging without any detector, novelty inks are a great option.

Microtrace offers real protection

Microtrace’s security inks range from low-level security to sophisticated, invisible anti-counterfeit ink.  With Microtrace’s help, you can get the right level of security ink for your application. Microtrace specializes in fully optimized, complete security ink systems which include the base technology, application methodology and detection and analysis. Having these three key components created and delivered by a single source is at the core of what sets Microtrace apart.

Microtrace’s taggant technologies are precisely paired with detection and analysis, ensuring you get the most secure security ink system for your application.

Technologies incorporated in Microtrace’s security inks include:

Ink as your security ”fingerprint”

Unlike off-the-shelf security inks, Microtrace’s taggant security ink offers real protection against counterfeit attempts because security is built into each step of the process, including:

Comprehensive solutions from Microtrace

Microtrace will help you navigate which taggant ink option is the best for your needs. Every application is different—and together, we will consider the product environment where security ink will be used, including lighting, temperature, humidity, and more. Ideally, security ink can be incorporated into product labels to increase security throughout the supply chain.

We have a range of available options—including custom options that align with your desired level of security and expected level of threat from counterfeiters. For the most secure, tightly controlled and easy-to-implement needs, the Summit Authentication Platform™ is a full system that provides comprehensive security.

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A full suite of smart security solutions

With our consultative approach for products and custom applications, we work with you to provide the highest level of security and the delivery format that’s needed for your specific goals and requirements.


Technology used for product security solutions

Learn more about the advanced chemistries and technologies behind Microtrace solutions.