IR visible phosphor

These phosphor nanoparticles are an easy-to-identify option for quality-control issues or low-level security applications.

What are infrared-to-visible phosphors?

Upconverting phosphors are microscopic ceramic particles that provide a color response when excited by 980 nm (low energy) invisible light.  When these upconverting particles are illuminated with an infrared light, they emit a colored light that is visible to the human eye. This is also known as an anti-stokes shift.

Customize with your choice of color

With a variety of colors to choose from—including red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white—Microtrace can deliver phosphor powder, plastic masterbatch, yarn or label. IR phosphor is commonly used for consumer packaging, clothing tags and incorporation in bulk materials because it’s easy to use, inexpensive and provides a visible response.

Consider a complete security solution

These luminescent phosphors represent the lowest level of security that Microtrace offers and don’t provide total security—but sometimes they are enough. Others often position IR up-conversion phosphors as a security solution, however, phosphor for sale is widely available and can be easy to duplicate.

At Microtrace, taggants are uniquely encoded materials or chemistries that are virtually impossible to duplicate. Upconverting phosphors can be added to Microtaggants or enhanced phosphors for a multi-level security solution. Microtrace does not recommend upconverting phosphor as a standalone security solution.

Microtrace has a range of visual product authentication solutions and can help you implement any degree of security, over time, as your needs change.

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