Explosives Marking Substance

Explosives Marking Substance
Aug 12, 2016

Microtrace’s Microtaggant Identification Particles are considered a preferred marking substance by Switzerland’s Central Office for Explosives and Pyrotechnics (COEP). For over 30 years, the forensic staff at the Swiss Scientific Research Service has relied on Microtaggants to determine the identity of an explosive’s manufacturer and the date it was manufactured.

Unlike other technologies, Microtrace’s Microtaggant Identification Particles are uniquely encoded and contain magnetic and fluorescent layers to ensure the taggants are easily located and identified post detonation. Microtrace’s legal affiliate, Blaine Identification Technologies, LLC, distributes the Microtaggant for explosives tagging applications.

For additional information, please contact Blaine Identification Technologies, LLC at sales@BlaineIDTech.com.

Press Release August 17, 2016