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laser systemsCertain products, like transparent materials, are difficult to mark, and some applications, like medical devices and wires, are very demanding. Our micromarking and micromachining laser experts thrive on creating solutions that other laser manufacturers have deemed impossible.

Our laser systems are custom designed and optimized for your specific application. We have expertise in a variety of laser types allowing us to mark nearly any substrate or surface in almost any size as small as sub micron.  A human hair is approximately 100 microns, just to put it in perspective.

We have significant experience in the field of covert and invisible laser micromarking, micromachining and microdrilling both stationary or at high speeds. If your application is difficult, challenging and other laser manufactures have failed – this is a perfect application for our team of experts.

Our expertise includes many different laser types, power levels and configurations such as Excimer lasers, CO2 lasers, Pico, Femto, Nd YAG lasers and Fiber Optic. We customize and install turnkey laser systems to fit to your needs, either as a unit that is integrated onto your production line or a stand-alone marking or machining station.

We also have expertise in machine vision to enable high speed marking on the fly and verification of the markings on the parts, optimized for your production environment.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Regardless of industry, we can create a solution for you. 

  • Pharmaceuticals: Mark tablets on a rapidly moving & unstable conveyor belt.
  • Medical devices: Mark microscopic barcodes on stents or rods without risk of microburs.
  • Eyeglass manufacturing: Apply invisible barcodes on lenses or frames.
  • Aerospace: Mark small wires without penetrating the wire insulation.
  • Glass manufacturing: Inscribe invisible barcodes on glass without risk of microfractures.
  • Diamonds and gemstones: Inscribe stones with codes or logos without the risk of chipping or fracturing.

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