Watermark Security Feature

Watermarking using Microtrace’s laser systems on synthetic papers such as PPG Security-Grade Teslin®, provides an authentication feature unlike others for security documents.

Security Grade Teslin Watermarking

The quality of Microtrace’s watermark images are similar to traditional currency watermarking.  Like traditional watermarking, synthetic paper watermarks have low visibility under normal conditions and highly visible when back illuminated.

Watermarks on synthetic papers provide ideal security:
Item level customization / serialization
Challenging to reproduce, copy or forge
Simple to verify with back illumination

Synthetic Paper

Typical watermarking is not possible on synthetic paper (i.e. hydrophilic, polymeric, micro-porous structures having a multitude of pores), which is commonly used for secure documents due to its durability and difficulty to tear. A variety of hydrophilic, micro-porous and polymeric structures could be used as synthetic paper, including polyesters, polyvinyl halides, polyolefins and acrylics with micro-voided structure.

How Does it Work?

With laser technology, synthetic paper is 'watermarked' by deforming select portions of the micro-porous structure in a pattern corresponding to the mark and changing its light transmission characteristics. The laser beam’s radiant energy distorts the synthetic paper pores. With careful selection of laser parameters, such as wavelength, frequency, pulse duration and power level, this selective distortion could be done mostly sub-surface, affecting light transmission without significant change to the paper’s top layer. As with traditional watermarking, this technique has low visibility under normal conditions, but will become highly visible when back illuminated.

Other Laser Marking Options

Laser marking possibilities are endless with Microtrace laser systems
Barcodes  •  Microscopic Alphanumeric Serial Numbers  •  Logos  •  Custom Security Designs

Additional Security Features for Synthetic Paper

As with any security solution, multiple levels of security are recommended.  Microtrace’s Microtaggants offer an additional level of security to watermarked PPG Security-Grade Teslin®.  Microtaggants containing UV, IR and Afterglow materials provide both covert and overt levels of security.

Security-Grade Teslin UV Taggant  Security-Grade Teslin IR Taggant



Teslin® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

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