Microtaggant® Security Yarns

The ONLY multifilament yarn available with multiple levels of security.

Microtaggant® Security YarnsUniquely encoded Microtaggants® are incorporated into standard polyester or nylon multifilament yarn. In addition to the color code sequence of Microtaggant particles, multiple levels of security are achieved through the addition of other taggant technologies. This unique multifilament yarn can be used in woven labels, fabrics, ribbons and other any woven structure and dyed any color.

Microtaggant Security Yarns are easily and quickly identified in the field with inexpensive readers and detectors.
In addition to Microtaggant Security Yarn, Microtrace offers:

  • Green phosphor yarn
  • Orange phosphor yarn
  • Gold phosphor yarn
  • White phosphor yarn
  • UV to IR yarns
  • Trace flow yarns (glows and leaves a green trace with UV light)
  • Multi levels UV to IR combined with Orange phosphor or any combination of security additive
  • Carbon Black yarns (glow white with UV light)
  • Laser marking yarns with a standard Co2 laser
  • Anti-Bacteria yarns (permanent and last the life of the yarn)

Microtrace taggant solutions available for this delivery format:

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