Microtaggant® Identification Particles

The Original Taggant Technology


Microtaggant® Identification ParticlesMicrotrace Microtaggant® Identification Particles are the original taggant technology and is the origin of the word “taggant” which is now commonly used. Originally developed by 3M, Microtrace Microtaggant particles are microscopic—ranging in size from 20 microns to 1,200 microns. Each particle is uniquely encoded exclusively for your application—acting as a virtual fingerprint, resulting in positive, error-free identification every time.

In basic form, Microtaggants are a unique numeric code sequence represented by a multiple colored layer particle format. In more complex forms, Microtaggants deliver multiple layers of security through the incorporation of various materials within each particle.

This technology enables employees or investigators to do on-the-spot field testing, providing positive, instant identification and verification of materials with inexpensive readers and detectors.

Product Specifications

  • Common Use
  • Product Authentication
    Product Diversion Tracing
    Identification of authorized production
    Identification of time and location of manufacture
    Liability & warranty issues
    Bulk material identification
    Brand Protection
    Explosives Marking Substance

  • Pros
  • Uniquely encoded exclusive to each application
    Inexpensive reading enables field identification & authentication
    Multiple ways to identify & authenticate
    Quick & easy authentication
    Multiple levels of security within each particle
    Low loading level
    Nearly impossible to replicate
    Can be incorporated in most materials

  • Cons
  • Microscopic particles are opaque & not soluble
    Smallest particle is 20 microns
    Color codes are not machine readable (additives can be)
    Will settle in low viscosity liquids
    Not suitable in carbon black, high temperature or shear materials