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FIPS 140-1 security labels

Standard security hologram labels are a commonly used for security. Unfortunately, they’re also a common target for counterfeiters and one of the easiest things to replicate.

Many mass-produced tamper-evident labels, tags and seals provide cost-effective security for low-level tampering but they pose little challenge for counterfeiters.

Microtrace custom security labels can’t be easily duplicated or manipulated.

Microtrace security label options include:

  • Taggants
  • FIPS Certified (FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2)
  • Embedded Film
  • Custom Holograms
  • Film labels
  • Paper Labels
  • Various tamper-evident construction
  • Invisible Bar codes and serial numbers
  • Laser marking that writes information directly on an internal layer of seals or labels

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