Taggant Technologies

What is a Taggant?

Taggants are uniquely encoded materials or chemistries that are virtually impossible to duplicate. A taggant is like a fingerprint—a unique signature of identity to which customers assign meaning. Taggants can be overt or covert and are used for a wide variety of applications.

  • Spectral taggants
  • Spectral Taggant™ Security Ink
  • Pre-formulated security ink
  • Advanced proprietary taggant chemistry and reader
  • Machine readable field authentication
  • Formulated in virtually any ink and color
  • Microtaggant
  • Microtaggant® Identification Particles
  • Microscopic particle powder
  • Field authentication
  • Inexpensive, handheld readers
  • Variety of delivery formats
  • Molecular taggant
  • Molecular Taggant™
  • Formulated & optimized for each application
  • Trace loading - undetectable by counterfeiters
  • Machine readable field authentication
  • Detect and quantify dilution & mix ratios

Other Taggant Solutions Taggant

The term taggant is now used to describe a number of different materials; however, not all taggant security technologies are created equal. Some taggants may appear to offer a secure way to identify your products and prevent counterfeiting but in reality, these taggants may be easy to replicate or simply purchased from a number of sources, leaving you extremely vulnerable.

The level of security achieved is only as strong as the weakest link – a true taggant solution requires strong technology and manufacturing process as well as a reader that will not give false positive results.


There are times where a simple solution is desired. For these applications we offer:

up-convertor phosphors

Up-Convertor Phosphors

  • Visible color response
  • Field detection
  • Low cost detectors

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