Diamond Provenance

Physical-marking technologies prove provenance for diamonds and gemstones for complete supply-chain security.

Total Solution from Gemstone Mine to Consumer

When it comes to precious gems, transparency is not only important when considering the clarity of a stone, but also in the journey it takes as it is mined, polished and sold.  Combined with blockchain technology, you can have a complete and transparent record of a gem from mine to market. A record that can identify diamond mines, confirm diamond authenticity and assure conflict-free provenance.

The documented and authenticated transformation of a stone

Rough Stone

Rough Stone:
Taggant applied

High volumes of rough diamonds can be efficiently marked with taggants—chemical tracers—which allow for unique identification of gemstones. Taggants can be verified using a handheld reader, laboratory analysis and/or from a distance with machine vision, allowing for high-speed automatic sorting.

Polished Stone:
Laser marking

During cutting and polishing, the taggant is removed. The polished gemstone is laser marked with a proprietary barcode. PhotoScribe lasers are already capable of marking gems, and with a software package, you’ll be seamlessly upgraded to the capability of marking impossible-to replicate 2D barcodes.

Taggant applied

When a diamond is graded, a certificate (or report) is generated, including a barcode that corresponds with the individual gemstone. Taggants are applied to this certificate, so that the certificate itself can be authenticated at retail.

Consumer Experience:
Certificate and marked gem prove provenance

The combination of laser-marking and taggant technologies are brought together with a single, secure mobile application in order to provide sellers and buyers with confidence in the complete story of the stone. The certificate is authenticated with a handheld detector and app. In a second step, the barcode on the certificate is cross-checked with microscopic markings on the stone.

Consumers know the gemstone they are purchasing is authentic, the grading on the certificate is for the specific stone and that it’s come from a legitimate and reputable source. Jewelers are able to build consumer confidence in a high-quality purchase. Gemstone miners and sellers are able to accurately authenticate stones and collect data about each stone’s journey.

High Security, Turn-Key Solution

The addition of our proprietary detectors and software to taggant technologies and laser-marked barcodes, results in a highly secure system that can’t be replicated or fooled. As a turn-key solution, using custom chemistries and laser marked barcodes, these gemstone and diamond provenance solutions can be integrated into the process you already have in place. 

plastic security masterbatch

Industry Leaders

Microtrace and Photoscribe bring together expertise in taggant technologies and laser-marking systems for a mine-to-retail solution. As the exclusive provider of the original taggant technology, Microtrace is a leader in product authentication. Photoscribe has long been the industry leader of laser systems for diamonds and gemstones.


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Diamond Provenance

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