Product substitution solution

Taggant chemistries used in Molecular Taggant systems effectively identify unauthorized substitution, product dilution and incorrect mix ratios throughout the supply chain to your final product.

False warranty claims and challenges

Discrepancies between your product’s specified and actual appearance. Unauthorized product substitution or product adulteration. High numbers of test or operational failures. Product that reaches the market prematurely fails, doesn’t work at all or doesn’t perform to customer expectations. However product dilution manifests in your supply chain, it can be tough to identify and prove, which can lead to even bigger issues like product failures that result in fraudulent warranty claims exposing you to false liability issues and damage to brand reputation.

Product substitution doesn’t have to go undetected

Microtrace’s Molecular Taggant systems can help you identify where issues are occurring so that it can be stopped, and you can prevent the cycle from repeating—including preventing consumer product fraud.

Invisible taggants, seamless integration and simple detection

Using complex taggant technologies in the form of a simple solution, you get a high degree of security that can easily be integrated in your current manufacturing process. Microtrace’s taggants can be incorporated into variety of materials for analysis of mix ratios, yet the appearance and performance of your product remains unchanged.  

Depending on your application and requirements, taggants are identified and quantified using handheld detectors, mobile lab equipment or laboratory analysis to ensure your product remains genuine and avoids supply chain corruption. Dilution detection solutions can be designed to allow for simple, non-destructive testing that can be done by your field representatives, or Microtrace can assist with lab analysis.


Consider Microtrace your source for expert guidance on protecting your products and your business. With our collaborative approach for Molecular Taggant systems, we work with you to get you exactly what you want. To explore a fully customized solution for product substitution, dilution or incorrect mix ratios, fill out this brief form. 

Product Substitution

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