Customized High Security Labels

Security labels customized with logos, serial numbers, barcodes and more.

High security labels customized for you

Microtrace offers high security labels that feature our premier Spectral Taggant ink and other taggants without the complications of implementing in your supply chain. Customized High Security Labels can be used as a stand-alone solution, or a label on a label for your packaging.

Choose your preferred shape—circle or square—and color—white or metalized. One-inch circle labels feature the Phosphor and Spectral Taggant ink in the center of the label, with customizable space for a simple logo, serial number or image around the perimeter. One-inch square labels include Microtaggants® and Enhanced Phosphor along the bottom and Spectral Taggant along one of the side edges and include a customizable area.







  Customizable Space
  Phosphor and Spectral Taggant Technology
  Microtaggant and Enhanced Phosphor Technology

Microtrace Customized High Security Labels are:

  • Customized with your branding, serial numbers, barcodes and more
  • Tamper evident
  • Highly secure—even more than tax revenue stamps
  • Sent directly from Microtrace, eliminating supply-chain printer issues
  • Easy to deliver and implement
  • Free of any licensing agreements
  • Able to contain multiple levels of security on a single label

The highest level of label security

Outside of Microtrace, many mass-produced anti-counterfeiting labels, tags and seals pose little challenge to counterfeiters. With Microtrace Customized High Security Labels, you can rest assured your cost-effective solution will protect you from these threats—you’ll have the highest level of security integrated in your ready-made labels, due to our expertise in chemistry and material sciences, application engineering, and detectors and analytics .

For a fully custom label security solution, learn more about label-based consultative engagements with Microtrace.


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Security Level:
Security Level 5Highest security level
Category of Technology:
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Application Cost:
Sample Availability:

No - Samples are not available for this product.

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Licensing Agreement:

No licensing agreement required

Detection Methods for Customized High Security Labels

Laser Pen

Spectral 2.0

UV Light


Phosphor Beeper

Phosphor Detector

Spectral 1.0

Lab Detection

Field Detection

Explore fully custom label solutions.

For a fully custom label security solution, learn more about label-based consultative engagements with Microtrace.

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