Security Additive Masterbatch

Proprietary taggant systems can be formulated into any resin to produce custom plastic additive masterbatch for use in any variety of plastic materials or parts.

High degree of protection without complicating production

Whether you’re seeking security for your finished product or packaging, sourcing plastic components or looking for ways to better serve your customers, confidence in your anti-counterfeit security solution is a necessity. Microtrace will collaborate with you to understand and effectively implement the right plastic additive solution into your processes or supply chain. Security solutions address issues such as:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Unauthorized production or manufacturer overruns
  • Identification of manufacture time or location
  • Dilution and mix ratios alteration
  • False liability and warranty claims
  • Product diversion

Security your way

As the developer and manufacturer of proprietary taggant technologies and detection systems, Microtrace is uniquely positioned to advise you on the best taggant system for your application and desired level of security.

Based on your needs, the following taggants can be formulated by Microtrace in a custom masterbatch, concentrate or delivered as dry-taggant additives, providing you a range of security options—from basic, low-level security to customized, high security:

Seamless integration

Microtrace taggant technologies can be formulated into plastics at extremely low usage rates that won’t affect the composition, performance or appearance of your product.

Rely on Microtrace’s expertise to properly and effectively formulate and optimize taggants in your resin eliminating trial and error and resulting in the highest level of security available.

Whether you are a molder or extruder and need security masterbatch, or are a compounder in need of a concentrate or taggant additive, Microtrace will deliver a solution to fit your process.

Optimized taggant technology plus detection equals power

Security masterbatches are used for low-cost, high-volume consumer packaging and commodity items, as well as high- value components and finished products. Taggant masterbatches can offer a high degree of security and control by having unique identifiers built directly into your finished product or packaging. From simple visual detection and authentication to complex optimization and analysis—Microtrace designs highly secure systems that can’t be replicated or fooled.


Consider Microtrace your source for expert guidance on protecting your products and your business. Through collaboration, we will arrive at the just-right solution for your specifications. To explore options for security additives, fill out this brief form.

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