Laser Watermarking

Security watermarks have low visibility under normal conditions and are highly visible when illuminated with a backlight.


Unique watermarking applications

Microtrace Laser Watermarking for security and other official documents is done on synthetic papers, like PPG TESLIN®. No other laser-marking company has this capability.

If you do or can use security paper such as PPG TESLIN for your application, laser watermarking is a security feature that is customized, challenging to forge and can be verified simply. Laser watermarking imaging can be customized to fit your needs. The most common customizations are:

  • Barcodes
  • Microscopic alphanumeric serial numbers
  • Logos
  • Photographs
  • Custom security designs

Watermarking on synthetic paper made possible

Typical security watermarking is not possible on synthetic papers like hydrophilic, polymeric and micro-porous structures like polyesters, polyvinyl halides, polyolefins and acrylics with micro-voiced structure—commonly used as document security paper, because it is durable and difficult to tear.

With Microtrace’s unparalleled laser technology, synthetic paper is “watermarked” by deforming select portions of the micro-porous structure in a pattern, changing its light-transmission characteristics. With careful selection of laser parameters—wavelength, frequency, pulse duration and power level—selective distortion on custom watermark security paper can mostly be done sub-surface, without significant change to the security card stock’s visual appearance.

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TEchnical overview for LASER watermarking

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Security Level 4High security level
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PPG Teslin

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This technology can be optimized to provide higher levels of security.

For Custom Laser Systems, learn more about consultative engagements with Microtrace.

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