Identification Particles

Microtrace is the exclusive producer of this original taggant technology, which is uniquely encoded for your application.

Uniquely encoded for your application

Microtaggant Identification Particles have multiple levels of security within each particle. These microscopic physical markers contain multiple color layers, which translate to a numeric code.  In addition to this base structure, we can add other materials to the Microtaggant to aid in location and authentication. Whether you’re seeking a UV light, IR laser or magnetic response, Microtaggant Identification Particles can help you create the response—and extra security—you want. There’s a virtually unlimited number of unique numeric codes that can be created.

Microtaggant is extremely economical for bulk-tagging applications—application costs often are less expensive than standard phosphors.


Easily and accurately confirm your product is your product, and protect your brand by:

  • Overt authentication (visual authentication) of your product with multiple visible color responses
  • Choosing a covert level of security
  • Combating grey marketing and diversion
  • Identifying counterfeits
  • Reduce unauthorized production from manufacturer over runs
  • Handling false liability and warranty issues
  • Confirming time and location of manufacture

Microtaggants can be incorporated into most materials

Microtaggant Identification Particles are available in a range of particle sizes—from 20 to 1,200 microns—so they can be incorporated into a wide range of materials. Incorporating Microtaggants throughout your product enables a high level of security. Use Microtaggant in materials like:

  • Plastics, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acrylic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyetheretherketone or other materials you already use
  • Bulk materials, including liquids, particles and solids
  • Labels
  • Standard polyester or nylon multifilament security yarns, which can be used in woven labels, fabrics and ribbons
  • Synthetic paper, like PPG TESLIN®
  • Explosives

Quick and easy authentication

Microtaggant technology enables employees or investigators to do on-the-spot, non-destructive in-field authentication, providing positive, instant identification and verification of materials with inexpensive readers and detectors such as microscopes, UV lights and laser pens.

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TEchnical overview for microtaggant IDENTIFICATION particles

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Security Level 5Highest security level
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Bulk Powder


PPG Teslin


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Yes - Samples for this product are available by request after prescreening.  Request a sample

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Bulk Powder

Masterbatch, PPG Teslin®, Thread
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Spectral Taggant System

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Phosphor detector

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