Custom chemistries

Microtrace’s team of research and development chemists specialize in creating unique chemistries for any application.

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For years, customers have brought Microtrace seemingly unsolvable challenges. And as chemists and engineers, we are driven by curiosity to explore and innovate brand security solutions for the challenge at hand.

At the core of Microtrace is our team of highly sophisticated and specialized chemists who have unparalleled expertise in design, synthesis, analysis and interpretation. It is with this expertise that Microtrace is able to build systems featuring security taggants, brand-protection chemistries and anti-counterfeit custom chemistries.

If your application requires custom chemistries to work within a new or existing system, equipment or product—Microtrace’s expertise in application engineering and detectors and analysis can be applied. If you need a solution examined and recreated or something new developed—Microtrace custom chemistries give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need.

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Microtrace’s various technologies can meet your specific needs, and be implemented independently, or by working closely with us on a consultative engagement.


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Beyond understanding the mechanism for how this technology works, review examples of how Microtrace technologies can be applied to create complete security solutions.